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Yiyo flamenco dancer at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

El Yiyo was born in San Roc neighbourhood of Badalona city near Barcelona. His family proceeds from Jaén. His real name is Miguel Fernández. His grandfather used to call him Miguelillo when he was a child. From “Miguelillo” he adapts “El Yiyo” as his scenic name.
He grew up in the artistic atmosphere and from very beginning he worked very hard to have a bright future in the flamenco’s world. Due to his passion to dance, he had an extensive training in classic and contemporary dance. Thanks to that he made himself to stand out and be more versatile. All his hard work brings him a big success: now El Yiyo is one of the young stars of flamenco Barcelona, a dancer with big talent, who performs in the stages of best tablaos and best theatres with others famous stars of flamenco Barcelona.
For the first time El Yiyo dance professionally at the age of 8 in Barcelona in the La Paloma Theatre.
When El Yiyo was 11 years old he went on his first concert tour that took place in China. He had a big success with this concert tour, tickets at every show were sold out. Local press called him “authentic flamenco diamond”.
At the age 16 he performs with famous flamenco Barcelona dancer Karime Amaya in Sala Apolo in Barcelona. The show “Cara a cara” (Face to face) was a big success.
At the age of 18 he is already a star of flamenco Barcelona, he has performed in more than 20 national and international festivals in such countries as France, Portugal, Taiwan and many others. His show “El Yiyo: Sueño Flamenco” was a big success. Such flamenco Barcelona stars as Mayte Martín, Duquende, Estrella Morente, Chicuela, Argentina, el Capullo de Jerez, Juan Ramón Caro, Pitingo o Miguel Poveda have participated in this show. The show was presented in the III Cycle of Catalunya Arte Flamenco in the Zorrilla Theatre in Badalona.
Also El Yiyo performed with famous flamenco Barcelona dancer EL GÜITO in the show “Esencias flamencas” in the Abadía Theatre with a big success.
He has also acted with such big stars of flamenco Barcelona, as Farruquito, Juan de Juan, Eva la Yerbabuena, Duquende, Guadiana, Montse Cortés o Pedro el Granaíno and many others.
El Yiyo was included in the cast of Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona, due to the tablao’s commitment to help to young talented Catalans.
His unique charisma, his passion for flamenco and his explosive energy promise him a bright future in the world of flamenco.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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