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Tablao Flamenco Cordobes of Barcelona

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is a unique places, it belongs to a family of artists well known in the flamenco world. It was founded in 1970 and since that it has maintained the characteristics of an authentic tablao flamenco. Tablaos are heirs from the old Cafés-Cantantes that in XIX century occupied La Rambla, El Paralelo y Sant Pau streets, “Golden Triangle” of Flamenco Barcelona.

It is known between citizens of Barcelona as Tablao Flamenco in La Rambla, it is a historic legendary place. The tablaos are small cozy intimate places where you can experience flamenco with all it truth and hit: live music, continuous improvisation, proximity to audience, absence of microphones, etc… all this creates the unique atmosphere of flamenco Barcelona, that is impossible to recreate in big open spaces.

With more than 6 millions of visitors and more than 46 years of experience in Flamenco shows, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is a reference point for the best artists of this art and a very important step for those who wants to be on the international stage of flamenco.

You are going to enjoy the “duende” (magic and charm) of an authentic flamenco show from a privileged platform: the Tablao. The intimacy, warmth closeness… will allow this ancient culture to drench the senses in a unique scenic setting.

The intimate language of Flamenco needs the requirements that a Tablao provides to express its genuineness:

• The show is the gathering of no more than 180 people around the stage, similar to a Flamenco family party, in this setting this type of flamenco is transmitted in a way that cannot be learnt in an academy. Even the humble wicker charis you are sitting on are a recreation of these gatherings.

• Its vaulted architecture, like a cave, allows the natural sound that is characteristic of flamenco; free of microphones and devices to come across clean and vibrant.

• The continuous improvisation from the artists, and the mystery of “duende”; tha playful interaction between guitar, song and dance create a dialogue with each other, which is inspired and created through intuition… this form of creativity, through inspiration and intuition, after being absorbed from the family heritage, can only appear in a Tablao. The young generations today add prodigious techniques to it, both in dance and guitar.

Since 1970, in Las Ramblas, the heart of the city, where historically there have been theaters and show houses going back to the nineteenth century; Cordobes has always called on the greatest flamenco artists of our time. Camarón himself singing and the legenday Farruco dancing, these two icons of flamenco were here. Also Chocolate, Fernarda & Bernarda, Terremoto… and so many more legends.

Today, Cordobes can boast that the vast majority of the great artists of flamenco continue performing on its stage; from established artists to young talents: Israel Galván, la Yerbabuena, Miguel Poveda, Pastora Galván, El Farru, José Maya, Olga Pericet, Marco Flores, etc… the list is simply endless.

Whichever day you choose to visit us, you will enjoy the presence of the greatest. We guarantee it…

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


Tablao Flamenco Cordobes
Les Rambles 35, 08002, Barcelona
+34 933175711 FAX:+34933176653