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The show you are about to enjoy does not follow a script, does not tell a particular story , but speaks of the human condition in general, or just everyday life. It is music and dance in its purest form.

The flamenco Barcelona show in Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona is characterized by its purity and constant presence of the most important artists of International flamenco Barcelona, the cast is not settled, the program varies every month so the show always stays up to date. The cast changes every 3 weeks to maintain it enthusiastic and full of energy. After perfoming in tablao artists continue with their own troupes and international tours. flamenco Barcelona Show in Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona is the best flamenco Barcelona Show you can find in Barcelona.

In tablao you are always guaranteed with the presence of the most famous and important artists of the flamenco Barcelona world, best artists and soloists of the most famous troupes (like Sara Baras, Cristina Hoyos, etc…) and the stars of the most prestigious awards (Award Cante de Las Minas, Award Nacional de Córdoba, Bienal de Sevilla and de Málaga, etc…) always accompanied by the young talents of flamenco Barcelona. So you can enjoy the best flamenco Show in Barcelona.

Juana Amaya, Pepe Torres, Jesús Carmona, El Yiyo, Amador Rojas, Karime Amaya, Belén López, Pastora Galván, Alfonso Losa, José Maya, Juan de Juan, Farru, Barullo, Farruquito, Gema Moneo, Sergio Aranda, Sara Barreo, Águeda Saavedra, María José Franco, Carlos Carbonell, Marco Flores, Claudia Cruz, Auxi Fernández, La Tana, Davinia Jaén, Tañé, Jonathan Reyes, Felipa del Moreno, Jesule de la Tomasa, José Valencioa, María Terremoto, David Cerreduela, Israel Cerreduela, Tuto, Morenito de Illora, Coco, Bocaillo... this is a long and, not even close to full, list of young raising stars of flamenco Barcelona who are also in the cast of flamenco Barcelona best show in the historic Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona in Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

The flamenco Barcelona singing “jondo” is a lament, a scream, an outcry, laughter… the music is based on historical anonymous poems or songs from great poets of Spanish literature, which the singer peels away through its own inspiration, with no script and no other obligation other than the pace or kind of song being interpreted.

There are songs of love for their partner or their mother, nostalgia towards the motherland, an outcry from prison or heartbreaks. Songs that speak about farm working or cry from the depths of the mines… sometimes expressing enjoyment and happiness, and sometimes they are pure expressions of pain. What are called “palos” of flamenco, form together a continuity of many kinds of songs which are based on different rhythmic combinations, and have different geographical origins.

On the basis of rhythm –the common thread and magic- song, guitar and dance are twisted together: at the same time recreating, inspiring, answering, contrasting, anc accompanying… improvisation that cannot be found in the commercialized choreography of a theater or audiovisual show, and that can only be experienced in a Tablao. It is for this reason that we politely ask for the audience’s silence. It is the sign that you are watching the best authentic show. The rhythm and pace is sacred and nothing should tarnish or interfere on it, in order for the artists to accurately and brilliantly interpret it.

You should not try to understand an authentic flamenco show, simply let it go and feel it… this is the best way to appreciate and absorb this art. You are going to enjoy an ancient culture that is transmitted through emotion, or what in flamenco Barcelona we call “el duende” (the magic, the mystery, the excitement…). We are pleased to share this with you.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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