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Paloma Fantova, flamenco dancer at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

Paloma Fantova started her professional career at the age of 4 with her gypsy father Manuel Fantova, who passed his passion for flamenco to her and taught her its roots and the zapateado.

She made her first appearance in TV with only six years. At the age of seven, Antonio Canales decided to count with her for the role of main dancer in the play “Bailaor y Raíz” making her debut in prestigious stages such as Teatro Apolo in Madrid, where the dancer said in an interview that “Paloma Fantova is the new young promise of flamenco, the same that at the age of 3 was discovered by the very same Camarón de la Isla”.

At the age of 8, after wining the contest “Veo, Veo” by Teresa Rabal emittedin a very important TV cannel, Paloma Fantova collaborated as a dancer in Palau de Congresos in Madrid along with several artists such as Rocío Jurado and José Mercé, before the kings of Spain. At the age of 9 she danced with Farruquito and his family in honour to Farruco. The same year she performed in the show “Algo más que flamenco” presented by Sara Baras and Paco Sánchez along with Rimundo Amador and Pepe de Lucía. Apart from dancing in the company of Antonio El Pipa in the show Generaciones, presented in theatres like Lope de Vega in Sevilla, Albéniz and Calderón de Madrid, Villamarta de Jerez and the Festival La Unión (2007); she also continued his artistic career. That same year she won the Premio Revelación de Andalucía.

At the age of 10 Paloma Fantova joined the company España Baila in which she performed in Teatro Calderón in Madrid.

She also danced in the tour through Japan with the great Manuela Carrasco and she worked on the choreographies of the Japanese dancers of that show. She visited theatres such as City Center, Plymouth and Simphony Space in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington, Champs Elysses and Chayllot in Paris, Sadler´s Wells and Queen Elizabeth Hall in London Opera Theatre in Craz and in Cairo, Maestranza in Seville, Palau de la música in Valencia, etc…

In 2011 Joaquín Cortes counted with Paloma Fantova for the show Calé performing as a guest artist from the 5th to the 22th of May in the Theatre Häagen-Dazs in Madrid. The same year she starred in a show released in Tatro Coliseum in Gran Vía de Barcelona, directed by José Luís Ortiz Nuevo, to honour Carmen Amaya.

In 2012, Paloma Fantova danced in the Company of Sara Baras representing her last show, La Pepa. Nowadays, she has interesting projects like the Bienal and collaborations in the programs about musical varieties by the pianist Manolo Carrasco along with the family Morente Carbonell, still broadcasting in some TV channels.

In 2012, Paloma Fantova is considered first lady of flamenco dance in the world, combining her performances in Tablao Cordobes. She also toured the main theatres and tablaos with the show Sensibilidades.

In September of that year Paloma Fantova succeeded in the Bienal of Seville with the show Fibes Memorial Conmemorativo to Camarón de la Isla and her presentation as a soloist in the Alameda Theatre. The whole year she performed as the only female dancer in the show by Tomatito touring Spain, Europe and America. She also performed with like Manolo Carrasc and Rafael Amargo.

In 2013 Paloma Fantova continued her performances in the show by Tomatito’s company, performing in the cycle of Flamenco viene del Sur, combining the performances of the show Estado Puro for which she was awarded with the prize by La Venecia Flamenca to the young values given by La Peña Flamenca El Pozo de las Penas of Los Palacios, in Seville. She was also invited represent the essence of flamenco of Spain with her choreography “Estado Puro” at the XI Encuentro INTernacional de Danza “Fragmentos de Junio de Guayaquil” (Ecuador), that year the motto of the festival was “contemporary experimental choreography”

She took part of the show with Pastora Galván and Karime Amaya as principal dancers (the three of them), in the show to honour Carmen Amaya, Con Carmen Amaya en la Memoria, produced by the Foundation Tablao Cordobes and the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Flamenco, performing through Europe and the main Spanish cities.

Since 2013, Paloma Fantova has been giving master classes in the Corporación Zona Escena (Guayaquil); at Escuela de Flamenco y Danza Contradanza Granada; in the Festival Flamenco de Valladolid; at the Centro Superior de Estudios del Flamenco U flamenco de Madrid. Until 2015, she worked intensely with Tomatito in their tours around United States and Latin America. Currently, Paloma FantovaS alternates her shows with the preparation of his new spectacle. She represented the flamenco in the Dance Festival of Guayaquil (Ecuador) – Zona Escena.

In summer she combined her performances with her show Estado Puro and the participation as a female dancer with Tomatito in Spain and capital cities.

FESTIVALS: La Unión Festival (2007), Bienal de Sevilla (2012), Dance Festival Guayaquil (Ecuador) – Zona Escena (2013). AWARDS: Award of La Venecia Flamenca, to the young values given by La Peña Flamenca El Pozo de las Penas of Los Palacios, in Seville (2013)..

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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