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Manuela Carrasco, flamenco dancer who performed at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

She was born in Triana, Sevilla, in a family of artists. His father was the bailaor José Carrasco “El Sordo” and his mother Cipriana Salazar Heredia, from the family of the Camborios. Manuela was self-educated and tireless, she overcame the opposition of his family and finally became a bailaora.

She professionally debuted at 10 years, on a tablao of Torremolinos, and she soon met the band “Los Bolecos”, a trio composed by Matilde Coral, Farruco and Rafael Negro. She joined the company of Curro Vélez and she did her first tour around Europe. When she came back, she kept learning at the tablao Los Gallos, in Sevilla, where she was signed as star at the tablao Los Canasteros, in Madrid, managed by Manolo Caracol.

In 1974, she won the first award in La Reunión del Cante Jondo de la Puebla de Cazalla, the National Prize Pastora Imperior and the National Competition of flamenco Barcelona Art of Córdoba and the Cátedra of Flamencología of Jerez de la Frontera, with all those awards, her career took off definitely. She started to work with the best artists of the time: Camarón de la Isla, Juanito Villar, El Lebrijano or Pansequito del Puerto.

In 1986 Manuela Carrasco toured America with the show Flamenco Puro, accompanied by La Fernanda de Utrera, El Farruco and El Chocolate, some of the most influential names in flamenco Barcelona at the time. And she astonished audiences in the Maestranza bullring during the 1992 Bienal de flamenco Barcelona in Seville, with a show called “….Y Sevilla” which was directed by José Luis Ortiz Nuevo.

Already in the eighties, she performed in flamenco Barcelona Festivals all over Andalusia, at the Olympic Theatre of Roma, in the flamenco Barcelona Festival of Paris, in the Flamenco and Gipsy Art Festival, in the Biennial of Flamenco Art, in the II Cumbre Flamenco of Madrid, at Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona and she also joined the historical production Pure flamenco Barcelona alongside Fernanda de Utrera, Farruco, Chocolate or Juan Habichuela, among others, which counted on the presence of the Queen of Spain.

She kept presenting her shows like “Corazón Flamenco”, “La raíz del grito”, “Ballet Flamenco”, this one together with Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda and Antonio Canales, “Jondo Adonaí”, “Así baila Sevilla”, “Esencias”, “Tierra y fuego”, “Tronío”, “Un sorbito de lo sublime”, “Suspiro Flamenco” o “Raíces de Ébano”, all of them with overwhelming success.

Her slender figure, height and gipsy beauty make her stand out and delight the audiencie. She keeps on with the self-taught course and enrich her dancing with experience and with her ability to assume new forms within a gipsy expressive line full of strength, energy and affront.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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