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Farruco, flamenco bailaor who performed at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona
Farruco was born in Pozueo de Alarcón, Madrid in 1935 and he started one of the most important dynasties of flamenco Barcelona world. He is the son of the bailaora La Farruca, from who his name comes from, and part of a gypsy basket maker family. His father was a horse and cattle dealer who traded at the fairs and markets of Andalucía, where a young Farruco would entertain with his mother La Farruca, a Moroccan beauty who was also a dancer.

Antonio Montoya Flores, El Farruco, was a gypsy dancer of no schooling who performed the most deep-rooted gypsy style of flamenco Barcelona dance. He is part of the great Montoya dynasty whose members include the guitarist Ramon Montoya, El Farruco`s grandfather.

This great name in flamenco Barcelona spent most of his youth on the open road living the traditional gypsy existence.

Farruco`s tragic personal life is believed to have been the basis for much of his style, as he had first hand experience with most of the emotions that he portrayed through his dance. He was married by the time he was fourteen, a father at the age of fifteen, a widower by the age of just sixteen, and his only son died in a tragic road accident at the age of eighteen.

Farruco is one of the most unusual dancers of the last century, and rarely has a dancer with his physical characteristics created so much emotion with the dance. There have, for example, been many whose technique and physical attraction would have been far more appealing to the general public, but El Farruco was never interested in flashy showmanship or theatrical type dance, just pure gypsy “baile” (dance).

Farruco created a whole new school in the flamenco Barcelona dance, full of charisma and power. He is considered one of the patriarchs of gypsy dance, with an enormous influence in the modern flamenco Barcelona dance where his school keeps being an example of strength and genuine temperament.

His trio, Los Bolecos, with Rafael Negro and Matilde Coral, two other legends of flamenco Barcelona, is still these days especially remembered.

At the peak of his career, his first son, known as Farruquito and already a bailaor that promised to be a worthy heir of his father with 18 years, died in a tragic road accident. Farruco, troubled, gave up the dance, with sporadic appearances.

After the tragedy, the family put their hopes in his grandson, also known as Farruquito, and who promised a brilliant career as bailaor. The entire Farruco family has inherited their patriarch school and they have become a miraculous factory that produces incredible talents. All of them have danced at Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona, the best flamenco in Barcelona since 1970.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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