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Biography of Chocolate, who performed at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

He was born in Jerez de la Frontera, their parents liked flamenco Barcelona and he lived in Sevilla since he was 6. There, he was raised loving “el cante” like his parents and acting and dancing in the streets and at the bars in order to earn some money for his family.

In those times, there was a great love for flamenco Barcelona in Sevilla, where enthusiastic people and professionals gathered together to talk and listen about flamenco Barcelona. Chocolate was a regular in those meetings and he learnt from leading figures like Tomas and Pastora Pavón, Manuel Vallejo, Pepe Pinto, El Sevillano, Niño Gloria or Manolo Caracol, among others.

His debut as a professional on stage was at Teatro Zorrilla, in Melilla. Later on, he joined the Tablao de la Morería de Madrid, where he shared the stage with Antonio Montoya “Farruco”. From there he came to Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona in two occasions alongside Farruco.

When Chocolate went back to Sevilla, he started to do tours around the world with different companies.

With the arrival of flamenco Barcelona festivals in Andalucia, Chocolate started to act by himself. He even competed for the 3rd Gold Key of Cante, against Fosforito, Juan Varea and Antonio Mairena. Even though Mairena was the winner in that occasion, Chocolate received many other prizes of great prestige like the IV National Córdoba Contest of flamenco Barcelona Art, the VII Festival of Cante Hondo of Mairena or the National Prize of Cante of Jerez de la Frontera. He also won the 2nd Giraldillo of Cante, the Special Jury Ondas Prize for his defense of the purity of flamenco Barcelona and gipsy cante, the Andalusia Medal, the Beat of Cante Award and the Medal of Sevilla City.

Chocolate has also recorded various discs, the first one was along with Fosforito and it was called “Cante Grande”. Later on he recorded “Los Duendes del Flamenco”, “Cante Flamenco” and “Mis setenta años en el cante”, for which Chocolate received the Grammy Latino to the Best Flamenco Album.

He has participated in many shows such as “Flamenco Puro”, alongside Farruco, Fernanda de Utrera, Pepe Habichuela, El Güito, Manuela Carrasco, Angelita Vargas y Adela la Chaqueta. Chocolate also took part in “Sonidos Negros” (black sounds), “Evocación a Fernando Terremoto” and “Esplendor” together with Mayte Martín and El Pele. Finally, he also participated in “Jondura” with Manuel Agujetas, Fernando Terremoto y El Güito.

Chocolate is one of the most important leading figures of cante flamenco Barcelona. He had a very orthodox style and he searched the supreme purity of cante. His cante became known as “Sonidos Negros” (black sounds) due to his purity. Even though he knew most of the types of cante, Chocolate excelled for his Soleás, Seguiriyas and Fandangos. Nowadays he is considered one of the most important representatives of these types of flamenco Barcelona.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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