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The Barrio Gótico of Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

The Barrio Gótico (Gothic neighborhood) is one of the four neighborhoods of Ciutat Vella (Old City) district, the old city of Barcelona. It has suffered several changes throughout the time and that fact creates contrasts that allow to find sculptures from XX century close to X century buildings.

It is the historical center of the city and in its streets you can see a big commercial activity with many crowded shops and establishments. You should keep this in mind to avoid visiting the neighborhood during a holyday or, at least, not in Sunday.

Penetrating deep into the historical chore of a city like Barcelona allows you to discover the remains of the old Barcino, founded by the Romans 2000 years ago and one of the most magnificent cities of Europe during the medieval age.

It is, therefore, where you will be able to visit the main archeological site and the best place to discover the history of Barcelona. The Barrio Gótico is located between the streets La Rambla and Via Laietana. Those streets go both perpendicular to the sea and you can start the visit from Plaça Catalunya. Visiting any street of the historical center of Barcelona is worthwhile either for the commerce, the architecture or just for a simple walk.

The streets of this historical neighborhood of Barcelona invite to walk with no particular destination in mind to discover its charm, to let yourself be mesmerized by the musicians who play around the cathedral and to dive into the atmosphere, mix of foreigners and locals.

Portal del Angel This is one of the entries to the Barrio Gótico and probably one of the most crowded streets. Portal del Angel is full of commerce and, from there, you can reach most of the streets of this neighborhood.

Santa Anta Street This is the first street at right if you go down from Portal del Ángel. It's a must see street, that ends in the other side of La Rambla. Besides its abundant commerce, this street has a big door that will take you to Santa Ana Churh, an ancient monastery made with gothic architecture that still remains today and which can be visited. This street is also a must see, especially during business hours.

Portaferrissa Street This one has to be also included in your walk through the Barrio Gótico. In its far east you can find La Rambla while, in its far west the Plaça of the Cucurulla and, beyond, the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia. You will get to Portaferrisa if you go down from Portal del Angel and take the split to the right.

The Cathedral of Barcelona The Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulàlia is the gothic cathedral of Barcelona and you can get there from Portal del Angel, taking the split to the left. This is also a must see without doubts. If you visit the cloisters of the cathedral, there is a door that takes you to Bisbe Street.

Bisbe street It means bishop in catalan and it is located at the west of the cathedral. It arrives until Sant Jaume Plaza, where the city council is. There you can find a flamboyant Gothic bridge that is very photographed.

Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona
Flamenco Barcelona


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